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First things first. I didn't always find business fun. There were so many times over the last 20+ years that I really second-guessed myself and what I was doing with my life.

Between toxic times in corporate and agency life, and a seriously uphill climb as a woman in business I wondered if I should stick it out. Heck, I've even been yelled at by millionaires because making $3.5M in a launch "wasn't enough" *eyeroll*

Change is a constant in business (heck in life) and so many people don't want to have to do the work to figure out how to navigate that adventure.

I'm Vanessa! business strategist and marketing mentor helping other leading ladies like you grow and scale their business.

because guess what, business doesn't have to be hard! ready to discover the magic-makin' secrets?

Hey, entrepreneur! Get ready, I'm about to show you how fun business can be.

The time came where I decided to create a business on my terms and to do business my own way. Everybody else's rules didn't need to apply.

But then I realized something. It's my life and I don't have to stay on a hamster wheel trying to keep up and failing. I was exhausted & burnt out.

Got crystal clear on what I want to do and who I want to serve.

Kicked fear to the curb and made everything rinse & repeatable.

Felt like myself. Uniqueness is my superpower.

Once I took the leap things got easier. And the results? Well they were nothing short of magical. I finally:

I was determined to succeed so I designed my own adventure.

I knew deep down inside that I knew my sh*t. And that I have a passion for business and helping other women overcome the obstacles we all face. Anything some trolls and negative nellies wanted to say needed to just roll off my back.

The cool part...the more I had fun with growing a business and serving my peeps, the easier it all felt. I let go of the rules and decided to focus on what really mattered to me, how I wanted to work, and whatever felt so dang right in my gut (intuition is ah-may-zing, friend!)

But I knew I needed to swap self doubt in business for freedom 

Sounds scary right? It was.

Vanessa x

I know how freaking hard it is to grow a business when you're full of self-doubt, dealing with chronic illness, having your attention pulled in a million different directions at home and at work.

No matter how hard it feels right now, know that it can feel less hard by tweaking the way you're doing things or the way you're thinking about things.

I've helped 1685+ entrepreneurs and brands and I'm here to help you succeed too. You're not alone...I see you and hear you.

So here's your ticket to stop dreaming and start doing.

And you guessed it. my mission is to help business owners just like you.

My favourites

The freedom my business gives me!

most grateful for

Peloton & cuddles with Rose the pup

daily ritual

Tea with cream & sugar and Dr. Pepper

drink of choice

Daring Greatly and Rich as F*ck

go-to bookS

Friends and Pitch Perfect (on repeat)

netflix binge

"Her emails pile up but she always remembers to call her grandmother" - Kate Spade

fave quote

My favourites

Straight from my scrapbook

Easy! Rose the Airedale Terrier. She loves watching Finding Nemo and napping upside down.

my best pal

Craig (aka husband of the year!). He's my biggest champion in biz and life

my greatest love

Taking road trips and going on adventures to see new places.

childhood memory

Making crafts for weddings, Christmas and selling them in flea markets with my mom. Biz is in the blood!

where it all began

Magical Marketing Mentorship for marketers and service providers wanting to level-up their marketing skills while getting real time feedback.


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Ready to be wildly successful?

Sarah G.

Working with Vanessa has been a game-changer! I have so much clarity now in my business. Plus a plan for the year ahead!

Brittany Martin, President, Hello Seven Co.

The Hello Seven Instagram grew by 25.3k! You felt like part of the team, especially when you brought valuable insights & ideas to our monthly content sessions.

Chantelle Aitchison, Luna Rosa Botanicals

I'm so excited to have systems & organization! It feels beyond amazing to be seen the way you see me and my business!

Tami & Lou Santini

Your strategy flippin' rocks! You helped us create ads that get our ideal client to click on the webinar page & convert. Thank you for helping us realize how important it is to have a solid, long-term lead generation plan.

Welcome friend! I'm your marketing biz bestie. Pull up a seat and stay for awhile.

xo, Vanessa