It's time to take action and lead your audience on a fun-filled adventure

Biz coaching to take you from zero to hero 

Fear doesn't have to hold you back. Starting and growing a business you love doesn't have to feel like pulling teeth or giving up everything that makes you happy.

If the journey isn't fun, it's not the right journey, my friend!

You can build a business around your life, the time you have, the things you love doing, and have it become profitable enough to pay for the lifestyle of your dreams.

The key? Consistency, confidence and classy strategy. By classy strategy, we mean ethical marketing, honesty with your audience and yourself and being true to your values.

Right now fear is your archenemy and time (the lack of!) is taunting you.

For heart-led humans wanting more freedom to thrive and a little magic to soar in business but...

Fear and fatigue

Content marketing overwhelm

Business blues and client crickets

Creative constipation

Evil pirates and tick-tocking crocodiles

Those doubts and questions you have about starting a biz? 

It's time to kiss them goodbye! No more:

I'm your biz BFF guiding you to a place where fears are conquered and creativity reigns

I've got the magic your biz has been begging for – fairy dust included.

Party time!

Fun freebies and workshops 

You've got this!

Coaching for Creatives

Balance baby!

Self-Care Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs & Remote Workers

Choose your fairy dust

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Join me for self-care bootcamp for $97 USD

Start taking care of ALL of you: mind, body and spirit, so you can transform your life & business (and feel happier & more successful, too)
Create a strong and healthy body, so you have the much-needed energy and stamina to grow a thriving business
Nurture your emotional well-being and safeguard against emotional burnout by setting firm boundaries (finally!)
Make REAL time for the things you want and the people and activities that are important to you

The solution? A physical, emotional & spiritual self-care bootcamp for entrepreneurs & remote workers:

Stop wishing you had a self-care routine that works for you and make the mental, physical, and spiritual shifts you need to achieve results from today! It’s easier than you think…

The good news? There IS a way to get back on track and achieve the stress-free, joy-filled, expansive-feeling business and lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about. You just need to take active steps to change your self-care habits. 

Attention Digital Product Creators & Service Providers: Putting off your self-care practice is NOT going to help you build a thriving business, but THIS will…

Self-Care Strategies for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Move From Overworked & Stressed to Happy & Successful!

Self-Care Bootcamp

adventure one

let's go!

Join me on an adventure for $995 USD

6 Coaching calls over 3 months and 1 zoom dance party (BYO wine, pizza and pjs)

Pick my brain over a private Slack channel in between meetings 

A plan to execute what you want to achieve: create a course, membership, sales funnel, etc.

Access to my resource vault

Say sayonara to your worries and fears cause our adventure includes:

Starting a business can be confusing and overwhelming with all the information circling around. Sure, you can figure it all out with Google, but why waste the time when you can hit the ground running?

Speed up your timeline with a helping hand from someone who has grown multiple businesses and worked behind the scenes of many 6 & 7 figure business owners. 

Biweekly coaching calls where I help you navigate business and struggles. As a fellow creative, I'll be the BFF you need!

Cut the overwhelm, get accountability and execute a solid plan that will grow your business.

Coaching for Creatives

adventure two

coming soon

If you’re stuck in the daily grind working nine to five and desperately want to get out of the rat race…keep reading.

Full-time to Freelancer

You Don’t Have to Be Stuck in Your 9-5 Forever!
Don’t get me wrong: It takes work to transition from a desk job to doing your own thing. Clients and cash don’t just show up on your doorstep.

It takes time and effort to put yourself out there, build authority and credibility, and grow a client base. But if you truly want to become a successful freelancer with steady work, you just need to do a few things before you kiss the desk job goodbye.

unfiltered biz school

adventure three

snag the secrets!

Tips for visualizing what you want in life


grow my abundance!

Build your magnetic mindset


boost your confidence!

How to boost your self-confidence

email series

Snag my creative secrets, for free!

Wait! The learning doesn't have to stop there.

ok, I'm intrigued. tell me more!

My grandma taught me all about the law of attraction at a time when I was at my lowest and couldn't shake pesky negativity.

The journey I've taken to get where I am today has been full of overwhelm, tough decisions and opportunities. I've had some stupid decisions, and some really smart ones too. Those came with struggles with self-confidence, PTSD, anxiety and loneliness.

If there's one thing I learned in this not-so-fairytale life of mine, it's that I sharing what I know can help others grow. It's why I started out as an entrepreneur and why I'm sharing my unfiltered stories and biz tips with you here.

I believe in whimsy, wonder and in having fun on the journey to growth and abundance! 

Hey , I'm Vanessa. 

Kristina Pierce, Pierce Media

"Vanessa & her team at She's Got Vision are amazing, their knowledge and expertise is way beyond anyone I've ever worked with. They stay on top of constant changes in digital marketing, FB & more. Vanessa is a pleasure to work with, always willing to help and an amazing person!"

carole Thompson, Better blogging Blueprint student

"Vanessa you are a superstar. Your course has helped me to grow my blog! I appreciate you making this material available and for making it easy to understand and implement."

E.N., Facebook ads client

"I'm happy with seeing the results roll in, and the funnel feedback has been so helpful!"

K.R., marketing client

"My coaching business has just had it's biggest month ever! I didn't expect to have a great year with the pandemic and all, but it's turning out to be my best year yet! Thank you for all your help with my funnel and my Facebook ads."

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Ready to take the leap and rewrite your fairytale?

I've got the pixie dust your creative biz needs so are you...



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